About Us

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Our Beginnings

When we first began in the business of medical equipment it was over 35 years ago.  We started with a pharmacy in Florida that has since grown into a successful chain.  We supplied the most advanced treatments available to oxygen patients. At that time we were limited to medications, and heavy metal tanks.  Even though patients found the metal tanks cumbersome they allowed them some mobility and were an improvement over the iron lung and other antiquated treatments which merely kept patients sedentary and home-bound, or stuck languishing in a hospital where they could receive the treatments they needed to survive. That’s how our journey to find a better solution for oxygen patients began.

Our Inspiration

We continued to look for further developments that would provide a better life for those who suffered from COPD.  Around the beginning of the millennium, companies started developing more advanced methods for oxygen delivery.  Scientists began working on machines that used filters -fed by compressors-to create medical oxygen from ambient air.  The first machines were primitive with not much battery life, but we immediately recognized the potential of this emerging technology as something that could completely transform an oxygen patient’s life from sedentary and burdensome, to free and independent.  It was then that we dedicated ourselves to becoming the largest distributor in the world of oxygen concentrators. We believed these products could work miracles in the lives of our patients. We were right!

Empowering You

Our mission is and always has been to enhance the lives of our patients in whatever way we can.  We seek to empower our patients in two ways: technology and education. Our goal is to offer those with COPD a one-stop shop to purchase the products they need continue living the lives they deserve.

  • Our respiratory specialists will take the time to fully understand your medical needs and lifestyle expectations to ensure you get the concentrator that best suits you.
  • Once you purchase your concentrator our relationship isn’t over, in fact, it is just beginning. We include FREE lifetime phone tech support with every concentrator sold to ensure that you are getting the longest life, and best use from your machine.  The tech support consists of live, in-house technicians, located in Florida and Colorado that are here to answer any of your questions, and will help you get the accessories you need for your trip, and assist you should problems arise.
  • Our research department exists solely to dig up the latest information and developments about COPD and other respiratory ailments.  They talk about new treatments, give nutritional advice, share inspiring stories about other people with respiratory ailments, and share valuable insights. You can access their findings on the blog page.  Be sure to become a subscriber so that you don’t miss important updates.
  • We have a wealth of video resources covering everything from how to choose a concentrator, preventative maintenance, how to prolong battery life, tips for travel,and a whole host of other important topics.  If you need help with something, please let us know.  Tech support can help you immediately.  We’re not professional actors (as you can probably tell!) we are the people who have been in this business for decades, who talk to patients everyday on the phone, and who understand the challenges of managing your condition.
  • The COPD Store is your one stop shop for everything from oxygen concentrators to daily living aides. COPD Store is not a Medicare or Medicaid provider. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please ask!  We can probably get it and it may help our other patients as well.

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