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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, oxygen concentrators are available by prescription only.  At the COPD Store we have a dedicated department to help facilitate obtaining a prescription from your physician.

Medicare does cover the cost of a portable oxygen concentrator. The only issue with Medicare is that there are many different steps you have to go through to qualify to have medicare rent you a portable oxygen concentrator, and it’s not guaranteed that you will qualify.

Yes portable oxygen concentrators with continuous flow may be used with sleep apnea devices.
Yes, most continuous flow units can be used at night and some pulse flow units may be used with special sleep settings.  Contact one of our respiratory specialist at the COPD Store to inquire which unit will best meet your needs.
All portable oxygen concentrators we sell at the COPD Store are FAA approved for airline travel.  Airlines have their own policies regarding stowing and storing concentrators so be sure to familiarize yourself with their policies before traveling.  We recommend contacting your airline for specific details regarding your upcoming travel.
Yes the COPD Store is an authorized provider for all portable oxygen concentrators available in the market.

At the COPD Store we have an onsite service center with factory trained technicians available to help.  Most units can be repaired onsite and can be quickly diagnosed to decrease turn around time.  However, depending on the repair some units may need to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repairs.  The first step in this process would be to contact one of our service agents to help with your issue.  Many times the error can be solved while on the phone with you.

Yes at the COPD Store we offer a variety of new, refurbished, and used units to fit all needs.
A refurbished unit has been returned to the manufacturer and rebuilt to an “as new” condition and certified for use.  Used units typically are trade-in or rental units which have undergone a complete inspection by our certified technician team and deemed in perfect working order.
Yes.  The warranty varies with each unit and your respiratory specialist will cover this information with you during your consultative call to determine which unit will best fit your needs.

If you have paid to be a member of our loan program when you purchased your unit a loaner will be shipped to you at no cost.  If you did not choose this option at purchase of your new unit you may still rent a portable unit through our rental program.

At the COPD Store we have many different options available to our customers.  We accept personal checks, most major credit cards, and have various financing programs to help obtain a unit for you.  If you choose to finance a unit contact one of our respiratory specialists to cover what term lengths are available.
Our staff at the COPD Store has well over 50 years experience in the respiratory market.  We are here to help and offer consultative advice ensuring you choose the unit that will best fit your lifestyle.  The COPD Store has the most robust support programs in the industry to help you before, during and after your purchase of a portable oxygen concentrator.  Give one of our respiratory specialist a call today to begin your journey to freedom.