Pulse Oximeter

  • Features:

    ✔︎ Can be Continuously Operated for 30 Hours using 2 AAA Batteries ✔︎ Completely Non-Invasive ✔︎ Does Require a Prescription for Sale ✔︎ Easy to Clean ✔︎ Ideal for Adults and Children ✔︎ LED Display has Low Battery Indicator ✔︎ Lightweight and Portable ✔︎ Nail Polish Tolerant ✔︎ Operation of Pulse Oximeter is simple and convenient ✔︎ Protective Latex-Free Rubber Boot Adds Protection Against Accidental Dropping ✔︎ Requires No Routine Calibration or Maintenance ✔︎ Rubber Coating Reduces Outsight Light Source Ensuring Accurate Results ✔︎ Soft latex-Free Rubber Coating Secures Finger in Place when in Use ✔︎ Units will Self-Power Off when No Finger is Indicated to Increase Battery Life