AirSep 2-Bay External Battery Charger

AirSep 2-Bay External Battery Charger


What’s Included:

✔︎ 2-Bay External Battery Charger
✔︎ AC Power Supply


✔︎ 2 Charging Ports
✔︎ Includes its Own Power Supply
✔︎ Battery Charge Status Indicator


AirSep 2-Bay External Battery Charger

The AirSep 2-bay external battery charger is capable of charging the AirSep Focus, FreeStyle 3, and FreeStyle 5 8-cell external battery. Finally a reliable and speedy option to externally charge your 8-cell battery that reduces wait time to get you on your way quicker.

Advantages of the AirSep 2-Bay External Battery Charger:

  • Simultaneous Charging Capabilities
  • Charge Up to Two 8-Cell Batteries Externally
  • Always Have a Fresh, Fully Charged Battery on the Side
  • A Must Have Accessory in Order to Charge the 8-Cell Battery

Carrying Case Friendly

The advancement of the external 8-cell battery means you no longer need to carry around a battery belt day in and day out.

Instead you can toss the 8-cell battery in the freshly redesigned carrying case that offers a side battery pocket, while also carrying the external battery charger in the carrying case without weighing yourself down.

Quick and Reliable Charging

If you just purchased an 8-cell battery for your AirSep portable oxygen concentrator you won’t want to forget the external battery charger.

The external battery charger offers its own AC power supply, and is the only way to recharge the 8-cell external battery.

A fully depleted AirSep 8-cell battery will take up to 5 hours to charge, the best option is to have two external batteries so you can have one powering the unit while the other is charging on the side.

Patiently waiting for your 8-cell battery to charge may cause you to be curious about the charging status of the battery, which is why the external battery charger displays the status of the battery all throughout the duration of charging.

The status is displayed in four ways with an LED light:

  • Flashing Green Light: Battery is Charging
  • Solid Green Light: The Battery is Fully Charged
  • Flashing Red Light: Error
  • Solid Red Light: No Battery Inserted


  • Dimensions: 4″ W x 5″ L x 2″ H
  • Charging Duration: Up to 5 Hours per Battery
  • Power Cord: 7 Ft.
  • Power Input: 16VDC, 60W
  • Power Output: 17.4VDC, 3A

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs


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