AirSep Focus Accessory Bag

AirSep Focus Accessory Bag



✔︎ One Convenient Location for all Your AirSep Focus Accessories
✔︎ Vast Amounts of Space
✔︎ A Shoulder Strap Carrying Option
✔︎ Durable Carrying Straps

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AirSep Focus Accessory Bag

The large design of the AirSep Focus accessory bag means you can fit additional batteries, the universal power supply, extra tubing, personal items such as a cell phone and wallet, and even the AirSep Focus itself.

This means while traveling you won’t have to dig through your luggage to grab important flight or prescription info, everything you need will either be draped across your shoulders or hanging from your hand. While the plush and padded material will protect all the bags contents from potential damage.

Advantages of the AirSep Focus Accessory Bag:

  • Eliminates Stress and Worry While Traveling
  • Large Enough to Fit all Your AirSep Focus Accessories
  • Two Carrying Methods
  • Around Your Shoulders or as a Duffle Bag
  • Adjustable and Removable Padded Partitions
  • Keeps all Your Accessories Neatly Organized into Custom Sections Set by You

Dual Carrying Methods

Different activities may require you to use your hands more than others and with the AirSep Focus accessory bag you have two carrying options, either across your shoulders with the shoulder strap or carried like a briefcase with the handle straps that lock into place with a Velcro wrap.

This way you can use either method depending on what you are doing and which will allow you the most freedom.

Customizable Velcro Partitions

Customize the internal layout of the accessory bag to your exact needs with the removable padded Velcro partitions, if you want the bag divided into sections just simply Velcro the partitions to the Velcro strips.

If you prefer an open layout, just take the partitions out and store them on the side. When using the partitions, the center is an ideal fit for the AirSep Focus while the sides can be used to store important accessories.


  • Manufacturer: AirSep (Chart Industries)
  • Handle Strap: Yes
  • Manufacturer SKU Number: MI320-1

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