AirSep Focus Dual Battery Custom Carrying Case

AirSep Focus Dual Battery Custom Carrying Case



✔︎ Double Sided 8-Cell Battery Pockets
✔︎ Lightweight and Breathable Material
✔︎ Removable Shoulder Strap

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AirSep Focus Dual Battery Custom Carrying Case

Carrying Options that Suit Your Needs

  • Over Your Shoulder with the Shoulder Strap
  • Use it Like a Briefcase with the Handle Strap

It doesn’t matter what you have on the agenda for the day, the AirSep Focus dual battery custom carrying case offers a carrying method that is optimal and beneficial for the task at hand. Its extreme versatility is what makes it able to go where you go while never holding you back.

Advantages of the AirSep Dual Battery Custom Carrying Case:

  • Breathable Material Protects from Overheating
  • Be Better Prepared for the Unexpected
  • Carry Two Batteries with the Two Built-in Battery Pockets
  • Removable Shoulder Strap

Fully Functional Design

The AirSep Focus dual battery custom carrying case will not draw attention due to its inconspicuous design so you can use it anywhere.

You can also rest assured knowing that your Focus POC won’t overheat due to the carrying case’s special design that doesn’t trap heat.

The carrying case also features two built-in battery pockets to allow you to carry two batteries at all times, which will be especially useful for traveling.

Easy Battery Access

The two side pockets for the AirSep Focus micro batteries are fitted with a custom cutout to allow easy access to the battery gauge without having to remove the battery from the case.

If you are using the AirSep external 8-cell battery, you can use the integrated clip to attach an 8-cell battery to each side.

Improved Shoulder Strap

The custom carrying bag for the AirSep Focus has been freshly redesigned to be even more patient friendly.

One of the improvements being the addition of two side battery pockets to allow patients extended portable operation of their AirSep Focus portable oxygen concentrator.

In the previous version of the AirSep Focus carrying case, the shoulder strap would attach to the case with a buckle that would often times break.

The new shoulder strap is the solution to that problem, because instead of buckling the new strap clips on to the carrying case for a more secure and durable hold that won’t break.


  • Carrying Options: Shoulder Strap, Handle Strap, Belt Clip
  • Battery Pockets Available: 2
  • Manufacturer: AirSep (Chart Industries)
  • Product SKU Number: MI379-1

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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