AirSep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator

AirSep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator

What’s Included:

✔︎ AirSep Focus POC
✔︎ 2x External Micro Batteries
✔︎ AC & DC Power Supply
✔︎ Custom Carrying Case
✔︎ Padded Shoulder Strap
✔︎ Cannula
✔︎ 3 Year Warranty


✔︎ Delivers Strictly a Pulse Flow Setting of 2 of Supplemental Oxygen
✔︎ Stay Saturated with the Lightest POC on the Market
✔︎ A Custom Carrying Case that can be Worn Around the Waist or Over the Shoulders
✔︎ An Optional External 8-Cell Battery Cartridge for Extended Portable Usage
✔︎ US Shipping & Handling Included in Price*

*Call 1-800-269-0726 to Talk to One of Our Respiratory Specialists*


AirSep Focus

AirSep Focus with AirBelt Battery BeltDo you enjoy carrying around those bulky and heavy industry standard oxygen tanks day in and day out?

The restriction of mobility and travels are enough to make any oxygen patient unsatisfied with their oxygen treatment.

Which may be the exact reason you have begun striving for a better more patient friendly oxygen treatment that lets you do what you want when you want to do it.

The AirSep Focus is your golden ticket to a happier, healthier, and more active lifestyle!

Ditch those bulky oxygen tanks and upgrade not only your oxygen delivery system but your life to the world’s lightest portable oxygen concentrator, the AirSep Focus.

Cook, clean, garden, shop, attend social gatherings, travel, and anything else you put your mind to with the AirSep Focus always by your side.

This is made possible with the included custom carrying case, which you can opt to wear around your waist with the Velcro straps or around your shoulders, each method may be more appropriate than the other depending on what you have planned for the day.

Plus the carrying case even has additional room for your oxygen accessories as well as a few personal items, so you always have what’s important to you only a few feet away!

Advantages of the AirSep Focus:

  • Lightest POC Available on the Market
  • Weighing in at an Incredibly Low Weight of 1.75 Pounds
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA
  • Manufacturing Plant is Located in Buffalo, NY
  • Options to Wear the Focus Around Your Waist or Across Your Shoulders
  • Features an Optional External Power Cartridge for Extended Oxygen Use
  • So Light a Travel Cart is Never Required
  • Gives Patients like You the Opportunity to Exercise
  • Allows You to Travel to see Friends and Family

Single Flow Rate Option for a Lighter Unit

The Focus by AirSep offers strictly a pulse flow setting of 2, the decision to offer a singular flow rate was based on designing the lightest overall oxygen concentrator for patients that don’t require numerous flow settings.

The second you pick this unit up or strap it onto your waist, you will be wondering why you didn’t make the switch to the Focus a long time ago.

Improve Your Life with Rechargeable Batteries

AirSep Focus External Micro BatteryUnlike other oxygen delivery methods where you have to wait for new tanks to be delivered or for empties to refill, the Focus portable concentrator utilizes the modern technology of rechargeable batteries to power itself. The Focus comes with 2 micro batteries, which each produce up to 1.5 hours of battery life.

If you plan on running errands all day or are planning a trip you’re going to need a battery boost, the external 8-cell power cartridge will provide up to an additional 3.5 hours of oxygen use.

A must have for travelers as the FAA requires oxygen patients to have 150% of the flight time in battery life. Even if you aren’t planning a trip, the additional operational time will provide you with more time to spend with friends and loved ones without the fear of running out of oxygen.

AirSep Micro Battery Duration:

Pulse Flow Battery Life
2 Up to 1.5 Hours per Battery

AirSep Focus External 8-Cell Power Cartridge:

Pulse Flow Battery Life
2 Up to 3.5 Hours

*Battery life is dependent on breaths per minute

Power the Focus 3 Ways for the Ultimate Convenience

  • Universal AC/DC Power Supply
  • Rechargeable External Micro Battery & External 8-Cell Power Cartridge

You can’t predict that you are always going to be at home near a power outlet when your portable oxygen machine is going to AirSep Focus Universal Power Supplydie, so why should you be restricted to one charging/powering method?

Options are always better and this was followed with the AirSep Focus portable oxygen concentrator.

The Focus allows for you to charge at home through any conventional wall outlet with the universal AC/DC power supply, the concentrator will even operate without a battery.

This method is highly utilized while patients are at home and near an outlet, but can also save the day when waiting for a replacement battery to come in the mail so you never go a second without supplemental oxygen.

Charging on the Road

Hitting the road for an exciting road trip? The DC part of the universal power supply will be one of your best friends throughout the trip, as it provides you with the ability to charge and even power the Focus through the cigarette lighter outlet, which are present in most vehicles. Even better, while the Focus is charging through the DC power supply your oxygen flow will be uninterrupted.

Ditch a Power Cord in AllAirSep 8-Cell External Battery

For cord free usage and limitless freedom, the external battery will be your go to powering option. Simply attach a fully charged micro battery or external 8-cell power cartridge to the focus and the unit will be able to go wherever you go for extended periods.

When it comes time to recharge, simply attach the battery to the AC or DC power supply in the unit and a fully depleted battery will charge in as little as 4 hours.

Eliminate Stress and Worry

You will never have to worry to keep track of the time in between charging cycles, as both the micro battery and optional external 8-cell power cartridge come equipped with a battery gauge.

The gauge is complimented by a bright light that illuminates next to the estimated battery life in the nearest 25% increment.

AirSep Focus Accessories:

*Shipping and Handling Included in the US Excluding Alaska & Hawaii


Dimensions: 4.8” Wide x 2.5” Deep x 6.4” High
Weight: 1.75 Pounds
Flow Rate: Pulse Setting 2
Battery Life: Up to 3 Hours (1.5 Hours per Battery)
Power: 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz; 11-16 VDC
FAA Approved: Yes
Warranty: 3 Years
Operating Altitude Range: 0-10,000 Feet


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