Comfy Cannula 12 Months 4 Feet Membership Program

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Comfy Cannula 12 Months 4 Feet Membership Program

$155.88 / year

The World's Softest and Most Comfortable Cannulas Delivered Straight To Your Door! See exactly how the Comfy Cannula Program works in the video below:


Product Description

  • You will Be Charged the Full Payment of $155.88 Once Per Year
  • Offers a Reduced Cost When Compared to Our Monthly Cannula Packages
  • Monthly Supply of Comfy Cannulas Sent Directly to Your Door Each Month for a Full Year
  • The World’s Softest, Most Comfortable and Kink Free Cannulas
  • Enhanced Nasal and Face Comfort
  • Hassle-Free Membership, Cancel at Anytime with No Fees
  • Each Month You will Receive 3, 4ft Nasal Cannulas
  • Minimizes Nasal and Facial Irritation
  • Eliminates the Hassle of Having to Regularly Order New Cannulas
  • Be Able to Replace Your Cannula Every 10 Days to Minimize Infections


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