DeVilbiss iGo AC Power Supply

DeVilbiss iGo AC Power Supply



✔︎ Powers the DeVilbiss iGo at Home
✔︎ Automatically Recharges the iGo Battery in the Unit
✔︎ Compatible with Any Conventional US or Canadian Wall Outlet
✔︎ Compact Design

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DeVilbiss iGo AC Power Supply

Enjoy endless operation of your DeVilbiss iGo oxygen concentrator whenever you are at home or near a conventional US or Canadian wall outlet, the AC power supply is the standard way of charging the DeVilbiss iGo battery directly from the unit.

The DeVilbiss iGo concentrator package includes an AC power supply, but if you have lost or damaged the original you shouldn’t wait any longer to replace it.

Maybe you are looking for an additional AC power supply?

Which is ideal if you are away from home regularly, such as for work, you can leave one AC supply at home and the other at the office so you don’t have to risk carrying and possibly damaging your only power source.

No matter the flow setting, the AC supply will operate the DeVilbiss iGo while also charging its battery.

Advantages of the DeVilbiss iGo AC Power Supply:

  • Reduces Wear and Tear on the Battery
  • Use the AC Power Supply to Power the Unit Anytime You are at Home
  • Power Failure Protection
  • Automatically Switches to Battery Operation if the AC Supply Loses Power
  • Fits in the Accessory Bag with Room to Spare

Rapid Charging that Requires Little of Patients

Plug the AC supply into any of your home’s wall outlets and the iGo will automatically begin to operate, if you have your iGo battery inserted into the unit that to will automatically begin to charge.

That means once you plug the unit into the power supply you can forget about it and get back to reading, cleaning, or even taking a nap.

To fully recharge a depleted battery you can expect it to take 2-4.5 hours, using the flow settings while charging will increase the time it takes to charge.

Once the battery is fully charged the AC power supply will still operate the DeVilbiss iGo, this way you aren’t depleting the battery so you can enjoy the maximum time of portable use when away from home.

Protection Against Power Failure

Say you are at home watching your favorite T.V. show operating your DeVilbiss iGo with the AC supply and you start to dose off and don’t notice the occurrence of a power failure.

Other oxygen concentrators that don’t have a battery would shut off and you would abruptly wake up gasping for oxygen.

You won’t have to worry about this with the DeVilbiss iGo AC power supply, which will automatically switch to battery operation if the power supply suddenly loses power.

Extends the Life of the iGo Battery

Regularly charging and draining any lithium ion battery will slowly begin to diminish its overall life, which means the battery won’t hold its charge as it once did brand new.

Extend the life of your iGo battery and get the longest possible use out of each one by opting to use the AC supply whenever you are near a wall outlet.

When you use the AC power supply to power the iGo you will greatly reduce the regular wear and tear on the battery, which will save you from costly battery replacements over time.

Always Have the AC Power Supply Nearby

No matter where you take your DeVilbiss iGo, you have the ability to always have the AC power supply nearby as well as additional batteries and other accessories.

The accessory bag is the perfect place for all your most used accessories, enjoy the peace of mind knowing you always have a powering method if your battery suddenly dies so you don’t miss a dose of oxygen.


  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: DeVilbiss
  • Product SKU Number: 306DS-651

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