DeVilbiss iGo DC Power Supply

DeVilbiss iGo DC Power Supply



✔︎ Operates the DeVilbiss iGo on all Flow Settings
✔︎ Compatible in Most Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, R.V.’s, and Boats
✔︎ Preserves the iGo Battery Life for Portable Use

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DeVilbiss iGo DC Power Supply

Never worry about running out of medical grade oxygen from the DeVilbiss iGo while out and about, even during times when you use a battery that isn’t fully charged.

The ability to go on road trips can also become a reality, delivering peace of mind on the go the DC power supply will power your DeVilbiss iGo directly from your car battery.

The 12 volt DC power supply is compatible in any vehicle that offers a cigarette lighter styled outlet.

It doesn’t matter if you are taking a quick trip down the road or conquering a cross country road trip, the DC power supply will be your go to accessory to power the DeVilbiss iGo on the road.

This is a replacement for the DC power supply that was included with the purchase of the DeVilbiss iGo, or if you have multiple vehicles you may want an additional to leave one in each car.

Advantages of the DeVilbiss iGo DC Power Supply:

  • Road Trips are Now Possible
  • Power the iGo the Whole Trip from Your Vehicles Battery
  • Fits in the Accessory Bag or Wheeled Travel Case
  • Will Operate the iGo without a Battery Installed

Provides Unlimited On the Go Operation

Every time you get into your car you should hook the iGo up to the DC power supply, this way the fully charged battery you left the house with will be fully charged when you arrive at your destination.

Because instead of using battery operation your whole drive the DC cord will operate the iGo directly from your vehicles battery.

The power supply will operate the unit on every single pulse and continuous flow oxygen setting.

Never Be Without the DC Power Supply

With the DeVilbiss iGo you can enjoy the convenience of having the DC power supply with you wherever you go in the wheeled protective case, which is a durable carrying case and travel cart all in one.

This multi-purpose case features two zip shut pocket so patients can store their AC and DC power supplies, additional batteries, and a few small personal items in addition to the DeVilbiss iGo unit itself.


  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: DeVilbiss
  • Product SKU Number: 306DS-652

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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