DeVilbiss iGo Humidifier Kit w/ Bottle

DeVilbiss iGo Humidifier Kit w/ Bottle


DeVilbiss iGo Humidifier Kit Includes:

✔︎ Humidifier Bottle
✔︎ Tubing


✔︎ Reduces the Occurrence of Nasal Dryness and Irritation
✔︎ A Durable Strap that Supports the Humidifier Bottle on the iGo Unit
✔︎ Delivers Moisture to Continuous Flow Settings
✔︎ Reduces Nasal Dryness and Nose Bleeds

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DeVilbiss iGo Humidifier Kit

Oxygen therapy is beneficial in so many ways it allows you to exercise, travel, and enjoy life outside of the barriers of your home.

Many of these things would be extremely difficult or near impossible to do without the help of the DeVilbiss iGo POC, but if you are a patient that regularly uses continuous flow settings you may be experiencing some dry and painful side effects.

Those side effects being nasal dryness are caused by supplemental oxygen being delivered through your nasal cavities day in and day out, which can greatly deplete moisture from your nose.

Thus causing your nose to dry out and crack, eventually leading to frequent and painful nose bleeds.

Not all oxygen patients experience nasal dryness due to their oxygen therapy, but for those of you who do experience it the humidifier kit is the answer to ending painful nasal irritation.

Advantages of the DeVilbiss iGo Humidifier Kit:

  • No Longer Deal with Dry or Cracked Nasal Cavities
  • Easy to Setup
  • Offers Comfort at all Times of Oxygen Therapy

Moisturize with Each Breath

You don’t have to keep dealing with nose bleeds due to dry and cracked nasal passages, improve your supplemental oxygen experience with the humidifier kit for the DeVilbiss iGo portable oxygen concentrator.

The instant you install the humidifier kit on the iGo you will begin to feel its benefits, simply fill the humidifier bottle with water to the fill line and each dose of continuous flow oxygen will be moisturized before it enters your nose.

Compatible Flow Options

The humidifier kit for the DeVilbiss iGo can only be used in congruence with continuous flow oxygen settings, as patients who experience nasal dryness are typically on a continuous flow oxygen setting.

Continuous flow oxygen patients experience this more often than pulse flow patients simply because on a constant basis they are getting a larger concentration of oxygen delivered through their nasal cavities at once.

Simple Setup Process

You won’t have to worry about reading a confusing manual or trying to interpret small and non descriptive pictures when first setting up the humidifier kit.

In 3 simple steps you will begin to feel relief for your dry and cracked nasal cavities. Your first step will be to attach the elastic bottle strap to the iGo, this will support the humidifier bottle at rest or on the go at all times thanks to its bottle holder feature.

Once that is ready you should plug the bottle into the unit with the included tubing to allow moisture to be added, but in order for you to add moisture you need to fill the humidifier bottle with water.

The final step will be to fill the bottle with water up to the designated flow line, then attach the tubing to the humidifier bottle and place it in the bottle holder.

3 simple steps is all that is required to reduce and even eliminate nasal dryness due to oxygen therapy.


  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Manufacturer: DeVilbiss
  • Product SKU Number: 306DS-627

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