Slightly Used Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger

Slightly Used Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger


What’s Included:

✔︎ AC Power Cord
✔︎ External Battery Charger


✔︎ Externally Charge a Single or Double Battery
✔︎ LED Charge Indication System
✔︎ A Must Have Accessory for Patients with Multiple Batteries
Reduces Overall Wait Time Between Charges
✔︎ Single Bay Charger


Slightly Used Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger

Have you taken full advantage of your slightly used Inogen One G4 portable oxygen concentrator and the independence it has restored into your life? If so, you may realize that having a single battery just isn’t feasible for your needs.

If you have upgraded to having more than one single or double battery. The slightly used Inogen One G4 external battery charger is a must have accessory!

Stop Putting Your Life on Hold Using the AC or DC Power Supplies

Instead of having to wait for each individual battery to charge with the AC power supply or DC power cord.

The external battery charger enables you to charge one battery on the side through any wall outlet with the included 110V power supply.

While simultaneously using your unit with another battery to receive your prescribed dosing of oxygen therapy. Severely cutting down on wait time so you can get on your way faster!

To fully take advantage of the time restoring benefits of the external battery charger. Before leaving the house or the hotel to run errands or grab a bite to eat, you should plug an extra battery into the external battery charger. This way once you return you can swap out your current battery for a fully charged one.

Charging that Keeps Your Precious Time in Mind

With the slightly used Inogen One G4 external battery charger you won’t have to sit around waiting for your battery to be recharged.

A fully depleted slightly used Inogen One G4 single battery will take up to 3 hours to fully recharge. On the other hand, a slightly used Inogen One G4 double battery will require up to 5 hours to fully recharge.

But remember, you won’t be using the battery simultaneously as you would with the AC or DC options.

So you won’t have to worry about extending the battery’s charging cycle, like you do with the AC or DC options. Making the external battery charger the fastest option to recharge your batteries.

Visualize the Charging Status of Your Battery

There will never be a need for you to estimate how charged your battery is when using the external battery charger.

Thanks to incorporating an on-board LED charging indication system.

The instant you plug the external battery charger into a wall outlet, the LED indication system will display a green flashing light. Indicating that your battery is successfully charging.

Once your G4 battery has completed its charging cycle, the indication system will show a solid green LED light.

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs


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