Invacare XPO2 Supplemental Battery

Invacare XPO2 Supplemental Battery


✔︎ Supplements the Invacare XPO2 Internal Battery
✔︎ Weighs Just Above a Pound
✔︎ Up to 2.5 Hours of Additional Operation on a Setting 2
✔︎ On-Board Battery Gauge

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Invacare XPO2 Supplemental Battery

For constant portable use of the Invacare XPO2 portable oxygen machine you rely on the internal battery, but what if there was an external method of supplementing the internal battery to give you a longer operational period?

The Invacare XPO2 features an external battery that you can use to supplement the internal battery life when need be and remove it when not in use to enjoy the lightest overall package.

Advantages of the Invacare XPO2 Supplemental Battery:

  • Automatic Charging Regardless of Usage
  • Charges with the AC and DC Power Supplies
  • Easy to Attach and Remove
  • Supplement the Internal Battery when Necessary and Remove it When You Want
  • A Necessity for Air Travel
  • 150% of Flight Time is Required in Battery Life by the FAA

Extended Battery Operation

You have never heard another oxygen patient complaining about having too much battery life, because who doesn’t want longer portable usage of their Invacare XPO2?

The longer the battery life the longer you can spend catching up with friends and family. The internal battery alone produces oxygen for up to 2.5 hours on a setting of 2, but when you add the supplemental battery you will receive up to an additional 2.5 hours on a setting 2.

Carrying Case Friendly

Setting up and using the supplemental battery will certainly be no headache, simply plug the battery into the XPO2 and conveniently store the supplemental battery in the battery pocket on the side of the custom carrying case.

The design of the carrying case pocket means you aren’t adding any additional weight to the unit itself, so even when in use you will hardly notice the 1.3 pound battery.

Your daily plans may vary so it may not be necessary to carry the supplemental battery around each day, so when you don’t need the battery easily remove it from the carry case to enjoy the lightest overall package.

Automatic Charging Feature

There won’t be any switches to flip or buttons to press in order to charge you Invacare XPO2 supplemental battery.

In fact the instant you plug either the AC or DC power supply into the unit your internal and supplemental battery will automatically begin to charge, no matter what flow setting you are on or if the unit is on or off.

You can charge the supplemental battery at home with the AC power supply through any conventional wall outlet, while the DC power supply gives you charging capabilities in your car, truck, SUV, R.V., or boat through a 12v cigarette lighter outlet.

The supplemental battery will take approximately 3 hours to recharge, though using the unit while charging will increase the charging cycle.

Using the power supplies either at home or on the go to power your XPO2 will help preserve the internal and supplemental battery life for times when you are away from a power outlet.

Travel Ready

Not only will the addition of the supplemental battery improve your day to day life, but it will also give you the freedom to fly!

The supplemental battery is a necessity if you have a business trip or personal vacation planned. The FAA requires all oxygen patients to have 150% of the flight time in oxygen battery life to travel at all.

Before traveling you should first contact your airfare provider to see if there are any other requirements you need to meet before arriving at the gate.

Keep an Eye on Battery Life

The thought of running out of battery life on the go can be a stressful one to deal with at that, but with the XPO2 external battery you can get instant battery status reading thanks to the on-board battery gauge on the top of the battery.

Now you never have to worry about running out of battery life or more importantly oxygen again.


  • Weight: 1.3 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.5″ W x 6″ L x 1.5″ H
  • Product SKU Number: XPO110
  • Manufacturer: Invacare

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Weight 3.0 lbs


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