LifeChoice Activox 4-Way Custom Carrying Case

LifeChoice Activox 4-Way Custom Carrying Case


Product Includes:

✔︎ 4-Way Custom Carrying Case
✔︎ Adjustable Shoulder Straps  


✔︎ Durable and Lightweight
✔︎ Side Pocket for External Battery Storage
✔︎ 4 Comfort Boosting Carrying Options
✔︎ Top Flap Closes w/ Magnetic Clip


LifeChoice Activox 4-Way Carrying Case

Keep your LifeChoice Activox portable oxygen concentrator protected from every day wear and tear and carry it comfortably with the LifeChoice Activox 4-Way Custom Carrying Case.

This versatile and patient-friendly custom carrying case allows you to carry your concentrator in the way you find most comfortable.

The custom design of this carrying case keeps your Activox Pro, Sport, or 4L properly ventilated to ensure it is running efficiently and it also allows you to store your external battery in the side pocket.

Advantages of the LifeChoice Activox 4-Way Carrying Case:

  • Protects Your Concentrator From Every Day Wear and Tear
  • Can be Carried Four Different Ways
  • Like a Briefcase, Over Your Shoulder, Around Your Waist, and Like a Backpack
  • Offers 100% Hands-Free Usage
  • Compatible with The Activox 4L, Activox Pro, and Activox Sport

Customizable to Your Wants and Needs

Having the ability to customize your oxygen experience to fit your needs and wants has numerous benefits.

The Activox custom carrying case can be carried a total of 4 different ways; like a briefcase, over your shoulder, around your waist, and like a backpack.

This feature is extremely beneficial if you suffer from a physical ailment. Whether you suffer from arthritis, chronic back pain, a broken bone or anything in-between the Activox custom carrying case will have a setting that works best for you!

100% Hands-Free Usage

One con of portable oxygen therapy is that it generally requires you to carry something wherever you go which eliminates the ability for you to use both arms and hands freely.

With the Activox custom carrying case, there are two ways to carry your concentrator to make it 100% hands-free. You can carry your Activox like a backpack or around your waist giving you two free hands at all times!

No more setting your concentrator down only to have to pick it back up moments later.

Custom Design

The custom design of the Activox carrying case makes it exclusive to the Activox line of portables; the Activox 4L, Activox Pro, and Activox Sport.

It has special vent holes to ensure your Activox gets enough air flow to produce medical grade oxygen and to prevent the unit from overheating.

To secure your Activox in the carrying case, the top flap of the case magnetically clips shut. On the side of the carrying case, there is a pocket designated for your LifeChoice Activox external battery or some of your personal belongings if needed.

All of the necessary features like; the charging port, control panel, and cannula inlet are fully accessible while your Activox is in the case.


  • Compatability: LifeChoice Activox Pro, Sport, and 4L
  • Access to the External Battery Port: Yes
  • Carrying Options: Backpack, Shoulder Bag, Around Your Waist, or as a Briefcase

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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