OxLife Independence Accessory Bag

OxLife Independence Accessory Bag



✔︎ Sturdy Handle Straps
✔︎ Durable Metal Zipper
✔︎ Spacious Interior for all Your Most Important Oxygen Accessories


Oxlife Independence Accessory Bag

The Oxlife Independence Accessory Bag is perfect for carrying everything you need for a trip across the globe or across town. The accessory bag is large enough to fit both the AC and DC power supplies as well as a few batteries, and a few small personal items.

Advantages of the Oxlife Independence Accessory Bag:

  • Keeps Accessories Neat and Organized
  • Large Enough To Store Several Batteries
  • Lightly Padded Interior To Resist Damage

The Accessory Bag keeps chargers and batteries at the ready. It can carry everything that you need for traveling or for daily use. Take both chargers to manage battery life.

With the AC power supply you can use an AC outlet when possible to run the unit and charge the battery, or you may use the DC Power supply when on the road.

This handy bag keeps all your Oxlife Independence oxygen accessories neat, organized, and easily accessible when you need them.

Lightweight and Spacious Design

The Accessory Bag for the Oxlife Independence has sturdy, reinforced handles for reliability.

The bag is small enough to be light and easy to carry but spacious enough to carry all of your accessories. Several batteries, both chargers, and even an extra cannula can fit in this handy bag.

The accessory bag is constructed of a sturdy canvas to resist weather.  It is also lightly padded to protect items from damage.


  • Manufacturer: Oxlife (O2 Concepts)
  • Product SKU Number: 800-1003

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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