OxLife Independence Battery

OxLife Independence Battery



✔︎ Weighs Just 1.35 Pounds
✔︎ Ejection Strap For Seamless Removal
✔︎ Built-In Battery Charge Indicator
✔︎ Enjoy Portable Operation of Your Oxlife Independence POC


OxLife Independence Battery

The Oxlife Independence offers small, light batteries to make it easy to carry extras for unlimited travel and leisure time. Using two batteries, you have up to 6.25 Hours of battery time.

The dual battery configuration of the Oxlife Independence allows for “hot swapping” without losing power. The slim line batteries are easily stored and transported in the Oxlife’s convenient accessory bag.

Each battery features a clear indicator light to quickly discern how much charge is left.

Advantages of the Oxlife Independence Battery:

  • Provides Up To 6.25 Hours Of Battery Life
  • Dual Battery Configuration Allows For Hot Swapping
  • Charges With Both the AC and DC Power Supplies

Expected Battery Life:

Flow Rate

Pulse Flow

Continuous Flow


6.25 Hours

5.75 Hours


6 Hours

5.25 Hours


6 Hours

3.5 Hours


5.75 Hours

2.5 Hours


4.75 Hours

2.0 Hours


4.0 Hours

1.5 Hours


3.5 Hours



3.0 Hours



2.5 Hours



2.25 Hours



2.0 Hours



1.75 Hours


Oxygen Therapy Enhancing Features

The batteries are located in the back of the concentrator, out of the way from controls and cords, for easy access. Simply lift up slightly, pull the ejection loops and slide the battery straight back to remove.

To reinsert, place batteries in with the strap at the top, and click into place. Change batteries without powering off the unit with the dual battery configuration.

The unit can run with only one battery inserted if necessary for charging or switching out batteries. To find out how much power is left on the battery, simply press the button under the charge indicator lights.

Recharge Multiple Ways

Using both the AC and DC Power Supplies, the battery power for the Oxlife Independence is virtually unlimited. Battery power is also enhanced by the optional table top charger that is available allowing up to three batteries to charge at one time if the concentrator is plugged into an AC outlet.

Cross country RV travel, international flights, or a long day at the beach with family and friends are all possible without the worry of running out of oxygen.

Charging with the AC Power Supply

The Oxlife Independence AC Power Supply allows you to use the concentrator while simultaneously charging the battery. It plugs into any standard outlet or can be used overseas with a universal power adapter.

The Power Supply has a sturdy metal connector that plugs straight into the side of the concentrator. The connector wire plugs into a fuse protected power transformer to reduce the likelihood of damage to your concentrator in the event of a dangerous power surge.

Charging with the DC Power Supply

Make car travel or a busy day on the go, free with the DC power supply. This power supply can be plugged into any car, RV, or boat DC port.

On some settings the DC Power Supply runs the unit while also powering the battery. This also depends on how much voltage the vehicle battery puts out.

When traveling, plug the sturdy metal connector into the side of the concentrator and the other end into the cigarette lighter or DC power port. Always plug the concentrator into the DC port that is closest to the vehicle battery for best results.

Charging with the External Battery Charger

The optional table-top, external battery charger is light and easy to travel with. This useful device allows you to build up a virtually limitless power supply. It can charge one battery every 4 – 8 hours, depending on battery depletion, so that several batteries are prepared for a long flight or day away from home.

The External Charger plugs into any standard outlet or can be used with the universal power adapter for overseas use.


  • Weight: 1.35 Pounds
  • Product SKU Number: 800-1002
  • Manufacturer: Oxlife (O2 Concepts)

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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