OxLife Independence DC Power Supply

OxLife Independence DC Power Supply



✔︎ Sturdy Metal Connector
✔︎ DC Connecter For Car, Boat and RV
✔︎ Long Reach Cord


Oxlife Independence DC Power Supply

The Oxlife Independence DC Power Supply makes it possible to put down the window and enjoy a long drive on a summer day or to maintain oxygen levels on a busy day of shopping, taking care of errands, or taking the grandkids out for some fun.

The DC power supply plugs into the DC port or cigarette lighter in your car, truck, RV, or boat.  It is important to plug the concentrator into the power port that is closest to the engine for best results.

Advantages of the Oxlife Independence DC Power Supply:

  • Makes Car Travel Or Running Errands A Snap
  • Can Run The Concentrator And Charge Battery On Some Settings
  • Quickly Recharges Battery

The DC Power Supply is key in managing battery life when on a trip or just out for the day. On some settings it will charge both the battery and run the unit, at the very least it will power the unit while preserving battery power.

The long power cord allows you to plug in the unit then secure it on the seat or on the floor next to you to keep it from falling.

Mobile Charging and Operation

Charge your concentrator with the easy to use DC Power Supply. The DC connection stays securely connected in a moving vehicle. Successfully manage and extend your battery time while running errands with the help of the DC Power Supply.


  • Manufacturer: Oxlife (O2 Concepts)
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Product SKU Number: 800-1001

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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