OxLife Independence Travel Cart

OxLife Independence Travel Cart


What’s Included:

✔︎ 2 Oversized Wheels
✔︎ Pull Handle


✔︎ Large Agile Wheels
✔︎ Retracting Pull Handle
✔︎ Folds Easily To Fit Underneath an Airplane Seat
✔︎ Integrates Directly onto the Oxlife Independence


OxLife Independence Travel Cart

The OxLife Independence offers one of the most agile travel carts available. It is integrated right into the concentrator itself so there is no cumbersome attaching and removal just to swap batteries.

The one touch release brings the handle up and locks it securely into place.

Its one rail configuration is extremely durable and lends itself to adept handling, perfect for making your way through crowded city streets or teaming airport terminals.

Advantages of the OxLife Independence Travel Cart:

  • Integrated with the Oxlife Independence
  • Responsive Handling On Any Surface
  • Raises Concentrator Off The Ground To Avoid Moisture
  • Handle Safely Locks Into Place

The integrated handle readily folds out of the way to fit neatly under airplane seats or on the passenger side of the car. The sturdy metal handle leaves the battery area, flow controls and charger connection completely unencumbered for easy access on the go.

Mobility Boosting Benefits

The comfortable handle releases with just the click of a button and locks securely into place. The large wheels make for easy handling while the low profile prevents the concentrator from rocking side to side while being pulled.

As compared to other concentrators with detachable carts this configuration adds less weight and fewer obstructions to controls, maintenance areas and battery compartments.


  • Product SKU Number: 800-1010
  • Manufacturer: Oxlife (O2 Concepts)

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs


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