Respironics EverGo Battery

Respironics EverGo Battery



✔︎ Delivers Cord Free and Portable Use of the Respironics EverGo
✔︎ On-Board Battery Gauge for Instant Battery Stats
✔︎ 3 Charging Methods


Respironics EverGo Battery

Challenge yourself to exercise regularly or enjoy the ability to leave the house when you want, while always staying adequately saturated.

For you to enjoy an ounce of portable use, the rechargeable lithium ion Respironics EverGo battery is a must.

Purchasing additional backup batteries is extremely beneficial, they will reduce the time you wait for a battery to fully charge, and they may even be necessary in order for you to fly.

The FAA requires all oxygen patients to have 150% of flight time in battery life, so if you have a trip coming up additional batteries will ensure you have the proper amount of battery life.

Advantages of the Respironics EverGo Battery:

  • Delivers Oxygen on a Pulse Setting 2 for Up to 4 Hours
  • Painless Battery Swaps
  • Compact Design
  • Run a Single or Double Battery Setup

Operational Period

  • Up to 4 Hours on a Pulse Setting 2 with 1 Battery
  • Up to 8 Hours on a Pulse Setting 2 with 2 Batteries

On a single charge the rechargeable battery will deliver supplemental oxygen for up to an incredible 4 hours on a pulse setting 2.

Remember though, the EverGo has the option to run a single or double battery setup to offer up to 8 hours on a setting 2.

Depending on what you have planned for the day, you can customize between 1 battery for the lightest overall package that offers less battery life, or the dual setup that allows longer portable use in exchange for an additional 2 pounds.

Full Battery Specs:

Flow Rate Battery Life w/ 1 Battery Battery Life w/ 2 Batteries
1 Up to 6 Hours Up to 12 Hours
2 Up to 4 Hours Up to 8 Hours
3 Up to 3 Hours Up to 6 Hours
4 Up to 2 Hours Up to 4 Hours
5 Up to 2 Hours Up to 4 Hours
6 Up to 2 Hours Up to 4 Hours

*Battery life is dependent on the patient’s breaths per minute (BPM)

Compatible Charging Methods

  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • Desktop External Battery Charger

Charging you battery will never be a worry, as the lithium ion battery has the capability to be recharged from the AC & DC power supply, as well as the additional cost desktop external battery charger.

Each method is designed differently to it doesn’t matter if you are at home or on the road, there will always be an option to charge your batteries.

For times you are at home or in the hotel room near a conventional wall outlet, the AC power supply will be the go to charging method.

The AC supply easily plugs into a standard US or Canadian wall outlet, while also plugging into the EverGo.

The second you plug the AC supply into the unit the battery(s) will automatically begin to charge.

The AC supply will recharge a fully depleted battery in 2-3 hours, when using 2 batteries the main battery will charge first followed by the reserve.

Operation of the EverGo while charging will increase the time it take to fully charge.

Heading out for the open road for a long road trip? No problem, because with the DC power supply you can power the EverGo and even recharge its battery(s) directly from your car.

This incredibly useful feature plugs directly into the cigarette lighter outlet port that is standard in most vehicles, then it plugs into the oxygen unit itself.

The DC power supply will automatically begin to power the EverGo and if necessary begin to charge its battery(s).

For patient benefits, every single pulse flow setting is available to use while powering/charging with the DC supply.

The third method is designed for patients that have multiple batteries, and don’t have time to wait for each individual battery to charge with the AC power supply.

Instead with the desktop external battery charger you can have a battery charging on the side, then once the time comes you can remove it from the charger and use it in the EverGo.

The external charger is also beneficial while traveling, as you can go out and enjoy your vacation and leave a battery on the charger so it will be ready to go once you return.

It’s also perfect for the night before you head to the airport, as you will have a fully charged battery in the morning so you will have a proper amount of battery life based off of FAA flight guidelines.

Charging Cycle Duration:

  • Up to 2-3 Hours per Battery

Battery Status Meter

It can be difficult to remember which batteries have been charged and which have not.

Which is why the Respironics EverGo batteries feature an on-board battery gauge that with the press of a button LED lights will illuminate the meter to show its remaining charge in the nearest 25% increment.


  • Dimensions: 6″ W x 4.25″ L x .65″ H
  • Product SKU Number: 900-102
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Philips-Respironics
  • Battery Gauge Indicator: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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