Respironics EverGo External Battery Charger

Respironics EverGo External Battery Charger


Product Includes:

✔︎ Respironics EverGo External Battery Charger/Recalibrator
✔︎ AC Power Cord
✔︎ DC Power Supply w/ Input Cord


✔︎ Charging Features Separate from the EverGo
✔︎ Small, Lightweight Design
✔︎ Weighs 2 Pounds
✔︎ Completed Charging in Up to 2-3 Hours


Respironics EverGo External Battery Charger

Enjoy the freedom to recharge a depleted EverGo battery without the need to plug in the AC or DC power supplies.

Instead, the one bay Respironics EverGo external battery charger offers its own 110v AC supply so you can externally charge a battery wherever you are.

Instead of having to wait for individual batteries to charge in the EverGo with the AC power supply, externally charging a battery will allow you to accomplish necessary tasks and when you return there will be a fresh fully charged battery waiting to be used.

As an added feature, the Respironics EverGo external battery charger will not only charge your EverGo batteries but it will also recalibrate them.

You can get instant charging stats or discover when the recalibration is completed by looking at the on-board LED indication gauge.

The small and compact design of the external battery charger will allow you to store it in the front pocket of the EverGo carrying case, so you can use it whenever need be

Advantages of the Respironics EverGo External Battery Charger:

  • Allows for Another Battery to Charge and Operate the EverGo
  • Take it Where You Go in the Accessory Bag
  • Internal Cooling Fan to Keep Components from Over Heating

Increased Activity

Charging depleted batteries can really hamper your ability to make and follow through with plans when using the AC or DC power supplies.

Requiring you to plug the unit into a wall outlet and standby until the battery is fully charged. With the addition of the external charger, you can now power the EverGo with one battery and run some errands then once you return you will have a fully charged battery in 2 – 3 hours.

Battery Calibration

Over time with extensive use you may begin to notice you batteries are not producing the same amount of battery life as it did brand new.

Regularly charging and depleting batteries causes’ progressive wear and tear over time, which is why you are not receiving the batteries full charge potential.

In other concentrators this would require you to purchase new batteries, but with the recalibration feature of the external charger you can extend the use of your batteries.

Recalibrating your batteries simply means that the lithium ion cells will be reset so they effectively hold as much of a charge as possible.

However if your battery is extremely outdated, then calibrating your battery may not do much.

The calibration process takes approximately 8 hours per battery, if it requires longer than 8 hours then you should replace that battery.

The LED indicator will notify you the instant the calibration process is completed.

LED Indicator Charging Lights

  • Flashing Green Light – The Battery is Charging
  • Solid Green Light – Charging is Complete
  • Solid Red Light – The Battery is not Charging and Needs to Be Replaced

LED Indicator Calibration Lights

  • Flashing Blue Light – Your Battery is Perfectly Functional and Recalibrating
  • Solid Blue Light – Recalibration is Complete
  • Solid Red Light – There is an Error Recalibrating your Battery and Should be Replaced


  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Docking Station Dimensions: 3.5″ W x 7″ L x 2″ H
  • DC Power Cord Length: 6 Feet
  • AC Adapter Dimensions: 4.5″ W x 2″ L x 1.5″ H
  • Manufacturer: Respironics
  • Product SKU Number: 900-103

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs


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