Respironics SimplyGo External Battery Module

Respironics SimplyGo External Battery Module



✔︎ Houses One SimplyGo Battery for Dual Battery Operation
✔︎ Doubles the Battery Life
✔︎ Connects to the SimplyGo via the Charging Port
✔︎ Weighs Less Than 1 Pound
✔︎ Small and Compact Design


Respironics SimplyGo External Battery Module

Have you been looking for a way to boost the battery life of your Respironics SimplyGo? Look no further than the Respironics SimplyGo External Battery Module!

With the external battery module you have a quick and easy way to double the expected battery life of your SimplyGo.

Weighing less than 1 pound without a battery installed and just over 1.5 pounds with a battery installed, the external battery module adds virtually no weight to your concentrator.

Advantages of the Respironics SimplyGo External Battery Module:

  • Doubles Your Battery Life
  • Allows You to Use 2 Batteries at Once
  • Fits in Front Zipper Pocket of the Carrying Case
  • Easily Install and Remove Your Battery

Patient Friendly Design

The lightweight and compact design of the external battery module keeps your SimplyGo as light as possible while doubling your expected battery life.

With the battery installed, the module conveniently fits in the front zipper pocket of your carrying case. Installing and uninstalling the battery is simple and effortless. To install your battery, make sure it is facing the correct way and slide it into the module.

Once you hear the battery “click” into place you can connect the module to the charging port and store it in the front zipper pocket. Uninstalling the battery is just as effortless. It takes a small tug on the top of the battery and the module will release the battery.

Doubles Your Battery Life

By doubling your battery life, the SimplyGo external battery module provides you with a whole new experience.

You will spend less time throughout the day connected to the AC or DC power supply which will allow you to get more accomplished in a timely fashion.

Here is a chart showing the expected battery life of the Respironics SimplyGo with the external battery module:

Flow Rate Pulse Flow (1 Battery/2 Batteries) Continuous Flow (1 Battery/2 Batteries)
1 6 Hours/12 Hours 2.3 Hours/4.6 Hours
2 3 Hours/6 Hours 0.7 Hours/1.4 Hours
3 2 Hours/4 Hours N/A
4 1 Hour/2 Hours N/A
5 1 Hour/2 Hours N/A
6 1 Hour/2 Hours N/A


  • Manufacturer: Respironics
  • Product SKU Number: 1109643

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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