Respironics SimplyGo Mini Accessory Bag

Respironics SimplyGo Mini Accessory Bag



✔︎ Storage of SimplyGo Mini Accessories in One Convenient Location
✔︎ Protects Accessories from Bumps and Falls
✔︎ Integrated Handle Strap
✔︎ Secures Contents with a Zip Shut Pocket
✔︎ Comes in Two Optional Colors (Black or Brown)

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Respironics SimplyGo Mini Accessory Bag

Stop traveling with a jumbled mess of cords that you tossed in the car in a hurry and instead enjoy complete organization, protection and accessibility to all of your accessories with room to spare for a few small personal items with the SimplyGo Mini accessory bag.

The Ideal Traveling Companion

Let’s face it life is busy, between running errands, working, doctor appointments, and setting some time aside to enjoy a nice vacation can cause organization to take a back seat.

The Respironics SimplyGo Mini accessory bag will help keep all of your accessories neatly organized in one easily accessible and convenient location.

The easiest way to stay on top of organization is to get into the habit of neatly wrapping accessories and placing them in the accessory bag the instant you are done using them.

In addition to storing your SimplyGo Mini oxygen accessories, the accessory bag gives you the capability to store a few small important personal items, such as a cellphone, wallet, and oxygen prescription.

Integrated Handle Strap

Picking up and carrying the SimplyGo Mini accessory bag won’t require you to strain yourself, featuring an integrated handle strap that provides a reliable and supportive carrying method.

Water Resistance Material

To further enhance protection and reliability the SimplyGo Mini accessory bag is constructed of a water resistant polyester material.

In the event that you do get caught in an unexpected rainstorm, the polyester material will protect your accessories from costly water damage.

Zipper Security to Keep Contents Safe

While out and about you won’t have to constantly worry about an accessory falling out of the accessory bag.

Thanks to its intuitive zip shut pocket, you can seamlessly open and close the accessory bag while being reassured your accessories are adequately protected.

Small Interior Storage

In addition to its main storage compartment, the accessory bag also features a small zippered pocket on the inside of the opening flap.

The mesh pocket gives you additional storage space, though it is small, the pocket is a perfect place for your cell phone and oxygen prescription.

Delivering more storage space in the main compartment of the accessory bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Accessories be Secure in the Accessory Bag?

Absolutely, the zipper shut pocket ensures that all your SimplyGo Mini accessories and personal items are sercure the second you close the pocket.

How many Optional Colors does the Accessory Bag Offer?

There are two optional colorways for you to choose from, Black or Brown.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 0.2 Pounds
  • Available Colors: Black or Brown

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs

Black – 1119893, Brown – 1116824


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