SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

What’s Included:

✔︎ SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
✔︎ AC Power Supply
✔︎ DC Power Supply
✔︎ Travel Cart
✔︎ Accessory Bag
✔︎ Cannula
✔︎ Extra Filter
✔︎ 3 Year Warranty


✔︎ Delivers Both Continuous and Pulse Dose Flow Oxygen Settings
✔︎ Streamlines Portability with a Durable, Wheeled Traveling Cart
✔︎ Offers the Most Accessories of any Portable Oxygen Concentrator
✔︎ Compatible with many CPAP or BiPAP Machines on Continuous Flow
✔︎ Enjoy Reduced Power Consumption for Lower Electricity Costs
✔︎ US Shipping & Handling Included in Price*

*Call 1-800-269-0726 to Talk to One of Our Respiratory Specialists*


SeQual Eclipse 5 Hiking with the SeQual Eclipse 5

A supplemental oxygen system is meant to help provide patients like you with a chronic lung disease such as COPD a chance at breathing clearly and easily, and back when the now industry standard oxygen tanks became a thing that is exactly what they did.

Well it has been quiet sometime since their introduction into the market, and time has certainly begun to catch up to them with the development and vast improvements of portable oxygen concentrators throughout the years.

Making a once medical advancement a thing of the past.

Project your medical oxygen treatment into the future and ditch the restrictions pesky oxygen tanks impose the instant you purchase the FAA approved SeQual Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator.

Instead of having to refill tanks or wait for new ones to be delivered, you instead will swap out rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Instead of being confined to your home the majority of your day, you can now go for a walk, attend book club, travel across the country, and anything you put your mind to.

The Eclipse 5 by SeQual not only gives you oxygen therapy of the 21st century, but more importantly it will vastly improve the overall quality of your day to day life.


  • Stay Saturated Whether on Continuous or Pulse Dose Flow
  • Offers Pulse Settings of 1 – 9 (192 ml); and Continuous Settings of 0.5 – 3 LPM
  • Allows for Charging and Usage of the Eclipse 5 on the DC Power Supply
  • Charging in the Car up to a Continuous Setting of 2 LPM or on All Pulse Settings
  • Automatically Adjusts to Your Breathing Rate
  • Auto Stat Technology Learns and Adjusts to Your Breathing Pattern
  • Oversized Wheels on the Travel Cart
  • Ensures that any Puddle, Snow, or Curb will Be Cleared without Damage

Relief from a Lightweight Device

  • Weight: 18.4 lbs w/ Battery

The SeQual Eclipse 5 offers precise oxygen delivery in both continuous and pulse dose flow settings, in a package that weighs 18.4 pounds.

Supporting the unit will never fall to you as you are out and about, instead you will always be able to rely on the durable travel cart which offers a telescoping handle so you can find a comfort height that is perfect for you.

Precise Oxygen Flow Selection

  • Pulse Flow: 1 – 6 (0.5 Increments) 7 – 9 (1.0 Increments)
  • Continuous Flow: 0.5 – 3 LPM (0.5 Liter Increments)

Unlike many portable concentrators available on the market today, the Eclipse 5 gives patients the ability to more precisely select their flow rate by 0.5 increments.

This also gives doctors the ability to recommend this unit to more patients since it offers both continuous and pulse flow settings, and the presence of continuous settings makes this a leading option for nocturnal use.

Your doctor may have you use different flow settings depending on if you are resting or exercising, and with the wide array of flow settings in the Eclipse 5 your needs will be properly met.

Live Freely with Rechargeable Batteries

One lifestyle adjustment you will have to make is getting used to your oxygen device being ready to go the instant you are. You will just have to remember to charge the batteries at the end of each usage.

The Eclipse 5 features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that delivers uninterrupted oxygen therapy for up to 5.1 hours on a pulse setting of 2 or up to 2 hours on a continuous setting of 2 LPM.

Battery Life that Holds Up:

Flow Rate Pulse Flow Continuous Flow
1 Up to 5.4 Hours Up to 3.7 Hours
2 Up to 5.1 Hours Up to 2.0 Hours
3 Up to 4.9 Hours Up to 1.3 Hours
4 Up to 4 Hours N/A
5 Up to 3.7 Hours N/A
6 Up to 3.5 Hours N/A
7 Up to 2.5 Hours N/A
8 Up to 2 Hours N/A
9 Up to 1.7 Hours N/A

*Battery life depends on patient’s breath per minute (BPM)

Easy and Quick Charging Options so You are on The Go Sooner

Charge the SeQual Eclipse 5 AnywhereWhether you are at home or driving down the highway, you will always have a way of charging the battery of the SeQual Eclipse 5 so you never miss a dose of oxygen.

Which brings us to the first and most standard way of charging, the AC Power supply. Plugging into any standard US or Canadian wall outlets, the AC power supply is the perfect option whenever you are near a wall outlet at home or at a friend’s place.

For unexpected portable charging, or to even extend the usage of the battery, simply plug the DC power supply into the cigarette lighter outlet in your vehicle as well as into the unit itself.

Then the Eclipse 5 will begin being powered from your car battery and if necessary the unit battery will even recharge. When using the DC power supply, all pulse flow settings will be available without interrupting the charge cycle.

When using a continuous flow, the DC power supply will only charge up to a setting of 2 LPM and will strictly operate on a setting of 3 LPM.

The external battery charger is ideal for patients that have or plan to have more than one battery for their SeQual Eclipse 5.

This will allow for you to enjoy the benefits of supplemental oxygen, while having a spare battery charging on the side through a standard US or Canadian wall outlet.

This will allow for you to fully deplete one battery and quickly swap it out for a fully charged one, making sure you don’t go a second without oxygen.

Charging Duration

  • 1.8 to 5 Hours*

Usage of the SeQual Eclipse 5 while charging will increase the time it takes to fully recharge the battery, though it strictly depends on the flow setting being used.

Precise Breath Detection with AutoSAT Technology

Breathing patterns vary and change depending on if you are sleeping, walking the store, exercising, or at altitude.

AutoSAT technology picks up those ever changing breathing rates and adjusts the pulse flow of oxygen accordingly, so no matter what you are doing you will always be saturated with a consistent bolus size every breath.

Wheeled Travel Cart for Streamlined PortabilityUse of the SeQual Eclipse 5 Travel Cart

Never again worry about hoisting your oxygen device over your shoulders or be forced to hold it again, because the Eclipse 5 delivers a more patient friendly option.

The durable wheeled travel cart features large wheels to clear any puddle or curb, a telescoping handle for customized height settings, and the battery can be changed without ever needing to remove the cart from the unit.

If you are planning on traveling, this is the ideal companion for the FAA approved SeQual Eclipse 5.

A Simplistic Control Panel Loaded with Features

SeQual Eclipse 5 Control PanelOnly what is necessary was included on the SeQual Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator control panel, here is where you can turn the unit on or off, adjust the flow rate, as well as change between continuous and pulse flow mode with the simple push of a button.

The control panel also features a display screen, throughout usage of the concentrator the screen will display the selected flow rate in addition to a battery gauge.

The battery gauge will help you effectively measure how much battery life you have before you go out, so you know whether to bring additional batteries or charging accessories along or not.

Moisturize to Reduce Nasal Dryness

One of the many additional accessories for the Eclipse 5 gives you the ability to add moisture to your supplemental oxygen before it enters your nose, greatly reducing the occurrence of nasal dryness and nose bleeds from the usage of supplemental oxygen.

The humidifier kit comes with everything you need, a bottle to be filled with water, a tube to attach the kit to the unit, and a durable strap with a bottle holder that will keep the bottle in place at all times.

Unmatched CPAP and BiPAP Compatibility

In addition to supplemental oxygen do you also need to use a CPAP or BiPAP machine due to sleep apnea? Typically the two devices are separate, but with the SeQual Eclipse 5 the two can work together in continuous flow mode!

The Eclipse 5 is compatible for usage with CPAP or BiPAP machines, effectively making your bedtime routine a little easier.

SeQual Eclipse 5 Accessories:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Flow Settings does the SeQual Eclipse 5 Offer?

The Eclipse 5 by SeQual offers pulse settings of 1-9 and continuous flow settings of 1-3 LPM.

Can I use my CPAP or BiPAP Machine in Congruence with the SeQual Eclipse 5?

Yes, both CPAP and BiPAP machines can be used with this portable oxygen concentrator.

Do I have to Carry the Eclipse 5?

Unlike the majority of POC’s on the market today that use custom carrying cases, the SeQual Eclipse 5 uses the mobility boosting power of a wheeled travel cart.

Is the SeQual Eclipse 5 FAA Approved?

Yes it is FAA approved for in-flight use. Be sure to call your airfare provider in advanced and ask about any specific guidelines they may have for traveling with supplemental oxygen.

*Shipping and Handling Included in the US Excluding Alaska & Hawaii


Dimensions: 12.3” Wide x 7.1” Deep x 19.3” High
Weight: 15 Pounds; 18.4 Pounds w/ Battery
Flow Rate: Pulse Flow 0.5-3.0 LPM; Pulse Setting 1-9
Battery Life: Up to 2.0 Hours on Continuous Setting 2; Up to 5.1 Hours on Pulse Setting 2
Power: 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz; 12V Nominal
FAA Approved: Yes
Warranty: 3 Years
Operating Altitude Range: 0-13,123 Feet


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