SeQual Eclipse Humidifier Kit w/ Bottle

SeQual Eclipse Humidifier Kit w/ Bottle


What’s Included:

✔︎ Velcro Straps
✔︎ Bottle Connector
✔︎ Standard Humidifier Bottle


✔︎ Provides Humidity to Continuous Flow Oxygen Settings
✔︎ A Velcro Strap to Support the Humidifier Bottle on the SeQual Eclipse 3 or 5
✔︎ Comes with a Humidifier Bottle


SeQual Eclipse Humidifier Kit with Bottle

The instant you open up the package containing the humidifier kit you will have everything you need.

The kit includes a Velcro strap which attaches to the SeQual Eclipse 5 or the Eclipse 3 and supports the humidifier bottle, a humidifier bottle, and tubing to connect the bottle to the concentrator.

Advantages of the SeQual Eclipse Humidifier Kit:

  • Relieves Nasal Dryness
  • Reduces Irritated Nasal Cavities
  • Everything You Need in One Package

Getting Setup Properly

To get started using the humidifier kit with your SeQual Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator there are few things that need to be done before you can use it.

Attach the Velcro strap to the unit, fill the humidifier bottle up to the fill line, place the bottle in the Velcro strap bottle holder, then attach the tubing to the bottle and into the unit.

Now you are all setup and ready to start adding moisture to your oxygen therapy.

Unmatched Nasal Cavity Comfort

Throughout the daily use of oxygen therapy on continuous flow settings, you may begin to notice dryness and cracking in your nose that can lead to unwanted nose bleeds.

Constantly blasting your nose with a continuous flow of oxygen through a nasal cannula can dry your nasal cavities to extreme amounts.

The only answer at combatting such an annoying side effect is the humidifier kit, which will add moisture to each breath you take.


  • Hose Length: 14″
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: SeQual
  • Product SKU Number: 7116-SEQ
  • Compatibility: SeQual Eclipse 3 & 5

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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