SeQual eQuinox 12-Cell Battery

SeQual eQuinox 12-Cell Battery



✔︎ LED Battery Life Indication System
✔︎ Lightest Battery Option for the SeQual eQuinox
✔︎ Front Loading for Easy Access and Swapping
✔︎ Can be Charged 3 Ways

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SeQual eQuinox 12-Cell Battery

Running out of oxygen is one of the scariest things to have happen while you are out without access to an outlet to plug in your SeQual eQuinox.

Supplement your battery life with the SeQual eQuinox 12-cell battery to help prevent that situation from arising again.

Weighing just 1.5 pounds, the 12-cell battery is the lightest battery option available for the eQuinox which makes carrying extras almost effortless compared to when you had to bring extra oxygen tanks.

For extended battery life, check out the 24-cell battery.

Advantages of the SeQual eQuinox 12-Cell Battery:

  • Weighs Just 1.5 Pounds
  • Provides up to 2.78 Hours of Battery Life on Pulse Setting 2
  • Front Loading for Easy Access
  • Charges on all Oxygen Settings

Quick and Easy Swapping

In times that you run out of battery life and need to quickly swap your batteries, the eQuinox has a front loading battery system.

You won’t have to fumble around taking the unit off the travel cart or trying to go through the backside of the travel cart which means you will resume getting your oxygen in a timely fashion.

LED Battery Life Indication System

Knowing how much battery life you have left is a crucial piece of information to get you through the day. Along with the LCD display screen on the eQuinox portable that displays your remaining battery life, the 12-cell battery has an LED indication system located on the back of it.

There are 5 lights, each representing 20% of your remaining battery life. Simply press the “test” button next to the 5 lights to see how much of a charge that battery has left.

Expected Battery Life:

Flow Rate

Expected Battery Life on Pulse Flow

Expected Battery Life on Continuous Flow


2.82 Hours

2.16 Hours


2.78 Hours

1.21 Hours


2.38 Hours

0.8 Hours


2.31 Hours



2.22 Hours



1.70 Hours



1.56 Hours



1.28 Hours



1.00 Hours


*Battery life is dependent on the patient’s breaths per minute (BPM)

Charging Options

To recharge your SeQual eQuinox 12-cell battery, you have 3 power sources to choose from; the AC power supply, DC power supply, and the external battery charger.

Charging with the AC Power Supply

The most common way to charge your 12-cell battery is by using the AC power supply.

With the battery installed in the unit simply connect the AC power supply to your SeQual eQuinox and plug the power cord into any 110v wall socket. The battery will recharge and the unit will supply you with oxygen simultaneously on all flow rate settings.

Charging with the DC Power Supply

When charging the 12-cell battery using the DC power supply there are a few restrictions you have to keep in mind. The battery will only charge if you are using a pulse flow setting of 4 or lower, or a continuous flow setting of 2.0 LPM or lower.

If you use a higher flow rate and need to use the DC power supply, the battery will not recharge, but the unit will continue to supply you with oxygen. The higher flow rates require too much power from your car battery to allow the 12-cell battery to recharge.

Charging with the External Battery Charger

Although the external battery charger is an optional accessory, it provides you with a great way to charge your extra batteries without plugging your portable concentrator into an outlet.

This way you can go about your day and come back to a fully charged battery waiting for you. The external battery charger can recharge one 12-cell battery at a time and plugs into any 110v wall socket.

Expedited Charging Cycles

The SeQual eQuinox 12-cell battery has an expected recharge time of 1.5 to 3.5 hours to achieve 80% capacity depending on if you are using the unit while you recharge your battery and what flow rate you are using.


  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 12″ L x 3″ H x 3″ W
  • Charging Cycle: 1.5 to 3.5 Hours
  • Manufacturer: SeQual
  • Product SKU Number: 4823-SEQ

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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