SeQual eQuinox AC Power Supply

SeQual eQuinox AC Power Supply


Product Includes:

✔︎ SeQual eQuinox AC Power Supply


✔︎ 110V Power Cord
✔︎ Recharges Battery and Powers Concentrator Simultaneously
✔︎ Fast Charging
✔︎ Two Piece Power Supply; The Power Box and Power Cord

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SeQual eQuinox AC Power Supply

The SeQual eQuinox AC power supply is your eQuinox’s lifeline. With the AC power supply you are able to recharge your batteries and power your eQuinox for extended periods of time simultaneously.

Whether you are calling it a day and using your eQuinox to get your nighttime oxygen or you are getting chores done around the house, the AC power supply will allow you to use the eQuinox for as long as you need!

The AC power supply does not include the AC power cord (4997-SEQ).

Advantages of the SeQual eQuinox AC Power Supply:

  • Recharges Your Battery In as Little as 1.5 Hours
  • Plugs Into Any 110v Socket
  • Easy to Travel with
  • Uninterrupted Oxygen Delivery

Uninterrupted Oxygen Delivery

When the eQuinox is plugged into the AC power supply, you are guaranteed uninterrupted oxygen delivery unless a power outage hits your house.

No matter what flow rate you are using, the AC power supply delivers enough power to the concentrator to recharge your batteries and supply you with oxygen simultaneously.

This eliminates the need to rent a home oxygen concentrator when you travel to visit family and allows you to use the eQuinox 24/7.

Travel Friendly

Aside from eliminating the need to rent a home oxygen concentrator when you travel the SeQual eQuinox AC power supply is perfect for any type of trip, even a couple hour trip to get lunch with friends.

Weighing just 2 pounds, the eQuinox AC power supply is light enough and small enough to put in your accessory bag, purse, or suitcase without even noticing.

Conveniently, the eQuinox AC power supply is a two piece power supply. You have the power brick with an attached cord to connect to the eQuinox and the power cord which plugs into the power brick and the wall socket.

Traveling internationally is possible as well with the AC power supply. Although it comes with an 110v power cord, you can use the SeQual eQuinox universal power adapter to travel almost anywhere in the world without worrying about your oxygen.

Fast Charging

When your battery dies, if you don’t have a spare, you are limited in what you can do because you have to plug your concentrator in to recharge your battery and more importantly receive your required oxygen.

The SeQual eQuinox AC power supply will recharge your battery in 1.5 to 3.5 hours depending on if you are using the concentrator and what flow rate your are using.

If you use your eQuinox while you try to recharge your battery, it will take more time to recharge.


  • Dimensions: 7″ W x 2.5 L x 1.25″ H
  • Power Cord Length: 4 Feet
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: SeQual
  • Product SKU Number: 4836-SEQ
  • Power Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz, 2.0A Max
  • Power Output: 28V DC, 150W Max

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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