SeQual eQuinox DC Power Supply

SeQual eQuinox DC Power Supply



✔︎ No Bulky Power Brick
✔︎ Charges Your eQuinox on the Go
✔︎ Plugs into Your Cigarette Lighter/12v Car Outlet
✔︎ Fits in Any Accessory Bag, Purse, or Briefcase

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SeQual eQuinox DC Power Supply

The SeQual eQuinox DC power supply takes portability to a whole new level. Whether you are in-between errands or road tripping across the country, the eQuinox DC power supply gives you the ability to supplement and preserve your battery life.

When plugged into the DC power supply your SeQual eQuinox is fully functional allowing you to use every pulse flow and continuous flow oxygen setting without an issue.

Advantages of the SeQual eQuinox DC Power Supply:

  • eQuinox is Fully Functional on DC Power Supply
  • Recharges Your Battery on the Go
  • No Bulky Power Brick
  • Extremely Portable and Hassle-Free

Charging on the Go

The SeQual eQuinox DC Power Supply plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or 12v outlet giving you a mobile charging/powering station for your concentrator.

It draws power from your vehicle’s battery to power the eQuinox and recharge the 12-cell or 24-cell battery installed in the unit. However, there are some limitations when it comes to recharging your batteries with the DC power supply.

While plugged into the DC power supply, the eQuinox batteries will only recharge on pulse flow settings 1-4 and continuous flow settings 0.5 LPM – 2.0 LPM.

If you require a flow rate higher than 2.0 LPM or 4 on pulse flow the DC power supply will not recharge your battery, however it will preserve your remaining battery life and power the concentrator through your vehicle’s battery.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Take the family camping or fishing without worrying about your oxygen supply again.

That’s right, the SeQual eQuinox DC power cord doesn’t only work in your car or truck, but it works in boats, R.V.’s and almost any vehicle with a 12v outlet giving you the freedom to go virtually anywhere!

Small and Compact

Rather than having a 12v power cord and a bulky power brick, the SeQual eQuinox DC power supply is a durable and simple power cord.

It weighs less than 1 pound making it unnoticeable and easy to store and pack. As one of your most important travel accessories it should be on your required list of items you leave the house with, along with your wallet, keys, and cell phone.

Emergency Use

Power outages are one of the worst things to encounter as an oxygen patient. Anxiety can kick in and cause your breathing rate to increase and without power your home oxygen concentrator is useless.

You may or may not have a battery with some charge left on it for your SeQual eQuinox. Going without oxygen isn’t really an option.

The DC power supply can be used to recharge your battery and supply you with oxygen in your car during a power outage.


  • Weight: 0.5 Ounces
  • Cord Length: 3 Feet
  • Manufacturer: SeQual
  • Product SKU Number: 4830-SEQ

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs


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